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The Eco Club was inaugurated on 28th July 2018 by planting the sapling in the garden Mr Bharath and Br Ashwin the coordinators conducted an election for the post of President, Vice President and Secretary. Manisha 3rd BSc CBZ was elected as President, Ravi from 1st B.Com Vice President and Sheeren 3rd BSc was elected as Secretary for the Eco Club for this academic year.

The member of the Eco Club organized a plastic free drive on 29th September. The students cleaned the whole campus and planted saplings to create a green campus to promote the protection of the environment.

Students of Eco Club conducted “Eco week” in the month of January 2019 where they organized various competitions, essay writing, pick and speak, wealth out of waste and skit.

Under the guidance of Mr Bharath and Br Ashwin students gave information about each plant and its medicinal use and importance by scientifically naming trees in the garden.


The eco club had its fourth activity on 29th of September 2018. The activity planned for the day was Plastic free campus drive. The animators explained the students about the importance of eco club.  The students were divided into groups and sent around the campus to collect the plastic scattered around the campus. The members cleaned the area behind the college, the ground and in front of the college .After the activity the coordinators planned to have speech, essay, paper craft and skit competition.   

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