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MAGIS is a Latin word meaning “more”or “greater”. It is related to ad majorem dei glorium a- Latin phrase for “For the greater glory of God.” The MAGIS Unit had organized 9 day Novena an account of the Feast of the nativity of Mother Mary in the College garden during the month of September which helped to strengthen the students faith in Mother Mary.

The students of Loyola College MAGIS Unit had participated in a youth gathering which was 14th-16th October 2018 in St Xavier’s PU College a first in N. Karnataka. Rev. Fr Prashanth D’souza SJ the youth coordinator for N. Karnataka  Jesuit missions was the organizer. The main purpose was to invite the young minds to become responsible citizens. This MAGIS has paved the way to bring the Youth together to instill in them communion and responsibility. The students also participated in a youth gathering conducted 11th -14th January 2019 in St Joseph’s College Bangalore. It was inaugurated by Prakash Raj which gave platform for gaining and spreading awareness of democracy and constitution.

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