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The college encourages the SC/ST/OBC, Minority and other scholarships provided by the government of Karnataka/India.

Merritt Scholarship

Terms and Conditions to apply for the scholarship:

  1. The students above 80% can apply for the concession. The conditions of scholarship are applicable for the current academic year.

  2. The scholarship is governed by CNF&CE education policy for the poor children.

  3. The college is not responsible if the scholarship is withdrawn, and the student has to make good for the college fees.

  4. For PUC students it will be based on their SSLC Exam marks.

  5. For Degree students it will be based on their PUC Exam marks.

  6. Students applying for the scholarship for the consecutive years continuing their education in the same institutions

  7. The merit scholarship will be based on the 1st PUC final exam marks or 1st+2nd or 3rd and 4th semester aggregate marks.

  8. The student above 80% will get 25% concession on the tuition fees.

  9. The students above 90% will get 50% concession on the tuition fees.

  10. The student above 95% will get free education.

  11. If the behaviour of the student is not goes against the rules and regulations of the college the college will withdraw the scholarship.

  12. If the students discontinues from the college the student is liable to pay the whole fees.

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